Our Story

Intueri Light was created in 2012 by Krisztian Mecs and Jozsef Hegedus with help from the best local artisans. Our goal with Intueri is to create high quality, original lamps using production methods of traditional manufacture. We think that the journey that leads to the finished product is important in its own right – the way we explore the possibilities of design improvement on our way to the end result. Our goal is for our clients to look at our lamps as a personal item. For this reason, we put great emphasis customized requests.


The 20th century was defined by the side-effects of industrialization, which created an excessive supply market in place of the demand-based economy of a hundred years ago.

We seldom dwell on the fact that most of the everyday objects we own have copies in the order of hundred-thousands scattered all over the world. The word ‘personal item’ is radically redefined under the pressures of mass production.

As for the forms, design and functionality take precedence now, but automatized production eliminates direct human action from the process, and so only huge amounts of robotic copies are created.

It is for this reason that the philosophy of ‘handmade’ is gaining ground – the presence of all ancient phases of creation bring to life an object with a special emotional atmosphere.


In latin, ‘intueri’ means “to see” in the sense of seeing more than meets the eye – that is, intuitive perception. We continually strive to imbue our lamp designs and our production process with this trait.

Our products are created through a modular design process with simple, timeless shapes, providing us with an endless palette of potential forms. Computer-aided design tools allow us to react to personalized needs swiftly, but we only allow ourselves traditional manufacturing technologies during the production phase – all this to provide every ancient step for the act of ‘creation’.

Only a small number of pieces are manufactured in order to ensure a great deal of exclusivity. Maximum quality is guaranteed, along with a compromise-free use of raw materials, by our score years of experience in the field, an indispensable asset to our way of problem-solving.

We have our catalog on one hand, but we also place great emphasis on the bringing to life of our clients’ individual requests, a quick response time and a flexible way of cooperating during projects.