Cubi Series

The Cubi Series named after the Cob-LEDs we used in the lights, which are lighted through a cast glass cube.

We created the Cubi Series with a modular system, there are a few main parts which combined eventuated 22 different shaped lightings.

There are 7 unique main finishes and another 5 detail finishes available for every lamp in this series, so it customizable for the mood of the room where the fixture is going to be mounted.

With the protruding headed screws and the combination of straight and angular lines, all lights of this series perfectly fit in any industrial styled room.

We believe in fast and compact shipping solutions. The lightings are arriving in a compact wooden box which secured not to be damaged through the shipping process. These boxes are compatible with air transport, even in 2 days after production the lamps can arrive anywhere in the globe.

At the design table we decided that the lighting has to be easy to assemble, it takes a few minutes after putting it out from the box to mount the fixture.