Pure Collection

In 2012 we launched our Bullarum Collection. Since then we constantly improveing it to reach the highest quality possibe. The Bullarum Pure Collection created with the same vision. We kept the quality of worksmanship and design language so the Pure collection is still an essential Bullarum product.

All the color options of the Bullarum Collection is available, to keep the same customization options.

Instead of adjustable telescipic lenght, every Pure lamp has 8 different fixed lenght options. To achive our goal – a more affordable product line of the Bullarum family – we used fixed nodes. All the Pure lamps are equipped with LED light bulbs and a universal voltage transformer to be compatible around the world

The Pure lights are come with a 90mm and 135mm diameter hand-blown sandblashed glass globe.  

From the perfetly finished rodes to the last screw this lighting family is designed, produced and assembed by Intueri Light

We belive in fast and compact shipping solutions. The lightings are arrive in a compact wooden box which secured not to be damaged. These boxes are comptible with air transport, even 2 days after production the lamps are arrive anywhere in the globe.

At the design table we decided that the lighting have to be easily assembled, it takes a few minutes after putting it out from the box to mount the fixture.

Pure P4 Night