VAAMOOS Collection

The VAAMOOS Collection was born in the cooperation between the artist Vamos Zoltan and Intueri Light, resulting in a unique lighting family in the industry.

Vamos Zolta arts are made from recycled paper, his mission is to save materials which useless for another eye and bring them back to life again and send a message of the importance of nature through his arts.

Zoltan Vamos’s recent works have been crystallized through several years of progression process. The material – the paper – is a thousand years old invention

The foundation of Zoltan’s art is a natural material. His work goes from figurative fulfillment to an abstract, almost too conceptual art. Their strength lies in the hidden personal and global philosophical thoughts behind the abstract forms. This as a significant part of his work, where the artist screaming through his sculptures by illuminating the scenes of society and the human being.

All the lightings are equipped with the finest Cob-LEDs to make these arts more unique which are made by the artist’s hand. No two are the same, all different from each other.